Call the Adelaide team at WorkAir for your Occupational Health needs

If you require a Consultant Occupational Physician; Occupational Health Nurse; General practitioner; Physiotherapist;Functional Physiotherapist or a Paramedic.The Occupational Health and safety proffesionals at WorkAir are here to provide expert advice and treatment. Don't hesitate to contact us in relation to any health concerns or enquiries. The pratice is open from Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm, with the availablility to schedule out of hours appointments on request.

WorkAir's occupational health practices in Adelaide

Items to bring to your appointment

  • Aviation Reference Number (if required)
  • Photo Identification
  • Log Book
  • Previous Medical Certificate
  • Corrective Eyewear
  • A record of any current medication
  • Medicare Card
  • Referral Letter
  • Claim details – claim number, case manager, contact details

Medical Assessments can include:

  • A detailed medical history
  • Urinalysis
  • Urine drug screen and breath alcohol
  • Spirometry (Lung function test)
  • Audiometry (Hearing test)
  • Visual Assessment (Near and distance)
  • Musculo-skeletal assessment
  • Independant Medical Assessments
  • Fitness for Duty Assessments

Terms and conditions

Full payment for our services will be required on the day of your appointment unless you have an account with us.



If you are bringing your own paperwork for a Medical, please have it completed as much as possible.

If you know that you are required to complete a blood test for lipids and glucose, please mention this upon booking. You will require an early morning appointment and will be required to fast after dinner on the night beforehand.

An audiogram may require you to avoid exposure to loud noise for 24 hours prior to your test.

Clinic Opening Hours

Monday - Friday

8.30am - 5.00pm


9.00am - 12 noon

*Out of operation appointments available by request only.

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